Tuesday, February 4, 2014

celiacprincess: Gluten Free Blogging?

You know how some (read: most) people have that "embarrassing username" - the one they made when they were about 12 and the world of Internet, emails, and IMs were just starting to emerge? The one that's like "sweetbabysprinkles12"*. The one that you realize you can't (or shouldn't) use once you hit high school or college. 
Mine is "celiacprincess". I still use it. It's part of my email address, the ID for my Facebook as well as the now obsolete MySpace, my Instagram username, my tumblr address, and a version of it (celiac_princess) is my twitter handle… the normal version was taken. 
Yes, I did come up with a more "adult" username, and I have an email address with that in it, as well as using it for most of my school logins and things when anyone outside the GF world will see it. It has my name in it, so that makes more sense. 
However, I continue to use and love my celiacprincess username. It's so much a part of who I am that I refuse to give it up. I justify this by saying that anyone that gets that email address KNOWS what celiac is, so it's really not an issue.

However. About a year ago, I created a new gmail account in the far too optimistic hope that I would make a YouTube channel (spoiler alert: it didn't happen). That's where cassidylikescupcakes came from. I wanted my name, but also something catchy. And I DO like cupcakes. 

So with that in mind, I created this blog. Recently, I've thought about switching over to a gluten free blog, but then I'd want to switch my username/web address… kind of keep everything uniform. Ultimately, I might still do that, eventually, but for now, I'm going to keep this blog as it is and any GF blogs I type up will just have "celiacprincess:" in the title (until I figure out how to move them to a subsection). They'll also be tagged both "glutenfree" and "celiacprincess". Fair enough? Cool. 

That said, it won't be a strictly GF blog. I'm way too indecisive for that. There are things I want to say and if this is the place to do it, then I don't want to be limited to just GF posts. 

That's all for now. I'm going to go work on my first actual gluten free blog post - one about my recent road trip to Austin for the Gluten Free Allergy Free Wellness Expo. I'll see you around! 

*I don't know of anyone with that username. If it's you, good job. Also, I'm sorry. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's Been A While

This most certainly falls under 'things that I already know'. I'm bad at this. Trying to get better. Moving on.

Hi. If you're new (which you probably are, realistically, because who actually read this before?) - I'm Cassidy. I'm now 21. Finance and Accounting double major at a university by the beach. I can't eat gluten and I don't drink caffeine - the former is a legit, medical dietary restriction and the latter is because I cut it out three years ago and now I get REALLY hyper at anything more than what's in chocolate. While it's amusing to my friends, I don't like the way I feel, so I stopped (mostly. Sometimes Starbucks messes up and gives me caffeine and then HIHIHI HOW ARE YOU I WANT A PUPPY*).

*I do not actually want a puppy.

OKAY. I pulled up this blog to read up on my thoughts from State last year (read), and realized that I liked blogging, for the tiny bit that I did. Here we go, trying again.

What's new? Hm. I made a New Year's Resolution to read 50 books in 2014. I've read five so far. Not too bad, actually.

I've switched laptops since I last blogged, so my counter is on that laptop… it's still there, but I'm still needing to update the last couple weeks of December. When I do that, I'll post my final 2013 count of the four things I started. I kept up with them for the ENTIRE year. I was actually a little impressed with myself. Usually that stuff gets a few months in and then dies a horrible death.
As far as this year goes, well… I might keep up a couple. If I can.

I got stuck in Chicago during their deep freeze / Chiberia time. It was beautiful and horrible and cold (mostly cold). It wouldn't have been bad if I had planned to be there for longer, but as it was, I was anxious to get home. I like Chicago MUCH better in the summer. It's also much easier to travel in the summer… shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, converse, flip flops, and a swimsuit, and THAT'S IT. None of the scarf/hat/gloves/jacket/layers nonsense that goes with snow and freezing weather.

It did make for some pretty pictures though. I'll get those up later. My hands are cold right now. Also: it's lunchtime. And I had a donut for breakfast.


Thursday, May 9, 2013



Okay, so first a little bit of housekeeping. I'm a 20-year-old girl, but that doesn't mean I know what I'm doing. I put makeup on almost every day and do a fairly decent job at it, but I'm still learning. I was completely lost when I first started watching YouTube videos and the girls talked about pigmentation and fun stuff like that. 

SO, what I'm going to do is if I use a word that is fancy beauty-speak, I'll link it to a definition post that I'll update whenever I add a new one. Deal? Deal. 


Here we go! 

 photo 6E144946-9C1E-4497-B49E-E89E67398986-24483-000017F4155A3C2D_zpsd22faa7c.jpg

Over the next couple posts, I'm going to talk about hair products, because they're sitting on my counter and need to be moved. These six are first (most posts won't cover this many products, but they'll be more detailed). They are (top row) Hairapy Sunsilk Waves of Envy: tousled, texturized beach waves (sea mist), Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly tousling spray gel (3: strong), Hairapy Sunsilk Waves of Envy: soft & sculpted glamour waves (gel & cream twist), (bottom row) Marc Anthony Strictly Curls curl defining lotion, Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves curl defining hair cream, and Pantene Gel for Curly Hair: curl shaping (3: extra strong hold). 

I'll probably say this repeatedly, but I've used EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT I'm going to review on this blog, and unless otherwise noted, I've bought them all with my own money. 

FIRST UP: Hairapy Sunsilk Waves of Envy: tousled, texturized beach waves (sea mist) 

 photo null_zpsc515b6e5.jpg

This was one of the first hair care products I bought for curly hair, and as you can see, it's long gone (except for the tiny bit at the bottom that won't come out!). I've been saving it for about four years (or maybe longer...) because I wanted to repurchase it and just haven't found it. I'm turning to Amazon soon, but in the meantime, I've been trying to replace it. I'm not saying that it's faultless, but I just don't remember those faults because it was SO long ago and I absolutely loved it. I'll buy it again and do a full review of it here soon. 

NEXT: Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly tousling spray gel (3: strong) 

 photo null_zps55774d8d.jpg

I bought the strength 2 of this a while ago, and it was pretty much a dupe for the Hairapy spray. I found this one (strength 3) and bought it. I don't like it as much (it's still completely empty...) because it makes my curls a little bit crunchy. I've never been a fan of that, so I wouldn't repurchase this one. Again, I'm going to try a couple more places in town, and then I'm going online to buy the one I like! 

THIRD: Hairapy Sunsilk Waves of Envy: soft & sculpted glamour waves (gel & cream twist)

 photo null_zpsae1514d0.jpg

This, as you can probably tell, was a vain attempt to replace the first Hairapy product. It didn't work. In fact, it looks almost empty now, but that's after several years of sitting in my cabinet because I didn't like it. I picked it up about four months ago and tried it again. I liked it for the most part. It smells pretty good, and didn't make my hair crunchy. HOWEVER... it didn't do what I wanted. At the time, I didn't have layers in the back of my hair, and it wasn't strong enough to keep my hair curly all day. 

THEN: Marc Anthony Strictly Curls curl defining lotion. 

 photo CDA8F763-9C2A-49B8-BC1E-998890C7A83E-24483-000017F41A982FE3_zpsac635b98.jpg

I still have some of this left, and will use it up when I run out of the other things. I bought it rather recently, and I like it. It's not really strong per se, in that it doesn't make my hair crispy, but it does make it REALLY curly. My bangs are growing out, so it was a little much for the front of my hair. For a while, I used this on the back and the Hairapy cream on the front, which turned out nicely. I went on a trip a couple months ago, and this was the only product I took with me. It worked fine with the hotel hairdryer, which did not have a difuser. I probably won't repurchase this, but I don't regret buying it. 

HERE: Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves curl defining hair cream 

 photo null_zps3df54e75.jpg

I bought this because of a review on this blog. I thought it looked good, so I picked it up at CVS. It is grape-infused, and I don't like the way grape smells, so that was a turn off. However, it did work really well on my hair. I will very likely repurchase this one, but I don't go to CVS very often and I haven't checked Walgreens. 

FINALLY: Pantene Gel for Curly Hair: curl shaping (3: extra strong hold) 

 photo null_zps63f036d5.jpg

This is my newest product out of all of these. I use Pantene shampoo and conditioner, and I loved the curly spray gel (not pictured... I don't know where it went...) and the detangler, so I figured, why not? I bought it, got home, and realized that it was EXTRA STRONG HOLD. I don't like crunchy hair, so I panicked. It turned out all right in the end though, and I'm wearing it today. It does make it a little crunchy in certain parts, but not enough for anyone but me to notice. It works pretty well, but I've changed methods of hair styling since I tried some of the earlier ones. 

[Tangent: I GENTLY comb my hair in the shower, rinse out the conditioner, and then don't towel dry it. I leave it dripping and put this stuff in my hair. From there, I go straight to my hair dryer with it's defuser attachment. I dry my hair upside-down until it's mostly dry, and then I leave it alone.] 


That's all for now! I've got several more hair products in my cabinet that I have thoughts on, so those will come out in about a week. I'll probably move on to makeup at that point, and talk about what I already have and am using/have used. Maybe I'll do detailed reviews about the things I just bought (because I'm addicted to Target...), but we'll see. Or let me know what you want! 


Thursday, May 2, 2013


So, uh, I said a while ago that I was going to start a hair/makeup/skin blog, and I fully intend to. Eventually.

I'm still working out how I want this to happen, but I plan to have posts up by June (hopefully sooner).

With that out of the way, I wanted to take a little bit of time to update anyone that reads this on what I've been up to. First: I got sick. Am sick. Yeah. So that's taking up some of my time right now.

I signed up for the International Geek Girls Pen Pal Club! I got my match yesterday and am waiting for a reply. Fingers crossed that we get along! (: The link is: here. I'll put more about that in a different blog post a little later.

I'm nearing the end of the semester, which means projects and tests and finals... I should get an award for getting sick at the worst possible time.

I missed SandFest which disappointed me greatly. I love it. I go every year.

I've been car shopping. My baby is dying on me and my inspection sticker expires in June so I have about two months to find and buy a car. It's been ridiculously crazy... Over three days, I drove TEN cars. Oh boy.

I don't feel so great right now. I'm gonna go lay down.

2013 counter
Coffee Waves drinks: 12
Times I've had pizza: 34
Freebirds meals: 17
Starbucks drinks: 22

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

VEDA...I don't think this can count as V/BEDA anymore.

I have missed far too many days for this to be anything even remotely like vlog/blog every day in April. 

I'm seriously contemplating switching completely to BEDA, since it is WAY easier for me to write than it is to vlog. I have to have clean hair to vlog. And pants. 
Well... maybe not pants. I think I could get away with vlogging without pants. 

I digress. 

Today's blog post is going to be about being tired, because it's something that I currently am, and about a thought. 

First, being tired. When I was in high school, I got really good at functioning on minimal sleep. I stayed up fairly late doing homework, woke up early to shower, eat breakfast, and get to a club meeting, only to repeat the whole thing the next day. Now, I've been so spoiled with getting enough sleep that I just want to curl up in a ball and sleep for two years. 

The thought here is that I would like to do a blog about things that no one told me going into college, things that I wish I'd known. So keep an eye out for that. 

Once again, I'm not doing very well at blogging so I'm signing off. Tonight is pizza night. It isn't counted yet. 


2013 counter
Coffee Waves drinks: 12
Times I've had pizza: 27
Freebirds meals: 14 
Starbucks drinks: 19

Thursday, April 4, 2013

VEDA Day 4: I'm bad at this.

So far in my V/BEDA consists of one video published video, one unpublished video, and one blog post. This makes the second blog post...
...which is honestly a whole lot better than I thought.

Anyway. Today... let's see. I wore my hair straight today and a couple people FREAKED out over it. It's so nice to have curly hair. Past Cassidy, stop assaulting your hair with heat.

Now that that's over with, let's carry on.

Oh, wait, we're going to have warm brownies and ice cream. Excuse me while I go be a fat kid.

... *noms on brownie* ...

Eh. So much for a decent blog. :p I'm trying to write the script for a music video to the song I mentioned last time. It is wonderful. Adios.

I ate pizza for lunch today. Add it to the counter. PEACE.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

VEDA Day 2: I am sleepy.


So basically, I decided to do VEDA (Vlog Every Day in April), and day 1 worked. Day 2 (today...) came around and I filmed a video and then took off for school without posting said video. Now, it's after 11PM and I am way too tired to edit a video... so I'm blogging instead. 

I guess I'm doing V/BEDA. Whoops. 

I'll upload both day 2 and 3 tomorrow. It isn't like anyone is watching them. (shhh... that's okay.) 

What happened today? Well, I went to three classes, stayed on campus for an hour to study for an accounting test tomorrow, and then came home to pizza, NCIS, and more studying.  

Meagan (my twin) is thinking about auditioning for Les Mis in a month. She sent me the sheet music for her audition piece so that I can play the piano accompaniment while she practices. 

This blog isn't working. Way too tired (for the millionth time). GOODNIGHT. 

Listening to on repeat: Emma Blackery's "The Promise". listen 

2013 counter
Coffee Waves drinks: 11
Times I've had pizza: 26
Freebirds meals: 13 
Starbucks drinks: 17